Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been making a lot of news ever since their dating rumors came out and now when Ranbir Kapoor has made the relationship official, the have become media’s favorite couple as they are busy in churning out stories one after the other.

However, Alia Bhatt hasn’t spoken a thing about the relationship yet and is choosing to play it safe. While on the other hand, Ranbir Kapoor broke millions of hearts when he confessed about his love for Alia Bhatt. In an interview, recently, Ranbir Kapoor talked about his relationship with Alia Bhatt. He said :

“Falling in love is the greatest thing in the world, the greatest feeling in the world. When you fall in love, everything is great, even water tastes like sherbet. You feel great.”

When the interviewer, Anupama Chopra asked Ranbir the effect of love on his work, Ranbir answered:

“It does to me as a human being. That’s who I am. If I feel good about myself, the day, waking up in the morning and going to work, it’s because life is great and love makes life great.”

Well, the ‘Water and Sharbar’ comment didn’t go down well with the twitterati, they are not able to get over the statement and have taken it so many levels up. The internet is filled with hilarious jokes and memes regarding this statement. Here, have a look at some of them :

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