Audience is wondering on the fact that how can a human sleeps with 350 women in his lifetime. Is this humanly possible. Recently Rajkumar Hirani explained how actually Sanjay Dutt conned several women. This also explains that Sanjay Dutt is a brilliant actor not only on silver screen but also in day-to-day life too.

“He would start dating a girl and take her to this graveyard. He would say, ‘I have brought you here to meet my mother.’ After this unusual meeting, the girl would feel emotionally attached to Sanju. The reality was that the grave was not his mother’s,” said Hirani.

This does not end here. Rajkumar Hirani further revealed that Sanjay had the unreasoning desire for revenge against those girls who dumped him. Recalling one of the incident, Hiraani said- “A girl broke up with him. So, Sanjay took his friend’s new car and smashed it into another car parked outside his ex-girlfriend’s house. Later on, Sanju found out that the car he rammed into belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Both cars were severely damaged”. 

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Public is now very much aware of the fact that Sanjay Dutt was a big time drug addict. Recently when Ranbir was talking about the film, he revealed an incident of Sanjay Dutt’s before media saying that once Sanjay was so high on drugs that he thought his  father Sunil Dutt’s head was being burnt by a candle and he went up on putting out those imaginary candles. It is when Sunil Dutt found out that Sanjay is completely hooked on drugs.

Seems like many secrets of Sanjay Dutt’s life are going to be unveiled on 29th June.

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