Growing up can be tough, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. In addition to all of the good times and bad times that your day is filled with, it’s also filled with the embarrassing events. Some common embarrassing moments include:

  • Farting in front of your crush
  • Messing up a speech in front of your classmates
  • Ruining a performance on stage

At the time, you may have thought ‘this is the worst thing ever,’ but in reality, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Fortunately for you, your most embarrassing moment wasn’t caught on camera and shared with millions of people on the internet. If you want to feel better about yourself, here are 16 embarrassing photos that went viral.

1) Tourists love to take photos when they’re visiting a foreign country. But if you’re going to take a full body photo, be sure the photographer gets your good side.

2) When you’re visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you might want to pretend to hold it up. But these guys went with a more creative pose.

3) See a giant pile of mud and sand at the beach? Hover over it and pretend you’re going number two! It’ll be so funny!

4) For the music lovers out there, you might be familiar with this road. If you’re going to do the iconic Beatles pose, then it’s best that you do it right. A for effort?

5) People these days just love to mess around with famous tourist attractions. This guy WISHES his junk was as big as this historical attraction.

6) A lot of the embarrassing pictures we’ve seen so far were intentional. But we really don’t think this girl intentionally face planted into the sand. Ouch.
7) This woman just wanted to pose for a cute photo but the lady in the background just HAD to photobomb. Wait… what is she doing!?
8) If you’re going to fall asleep while sunbathing, be prepared to be used as a human canvas.
9) There are thieves everywhere. Not only do we have to be wary of all of the human robbers, but now we have to keep an eye out for the seagulls as well!

10) When you’re throwing around a frisbee with your dog you usually use your hands to catch. However, it looks like this girl wanted to be like her pup and use her mouth. She didn’t catch it.


11) Tattoos are permanent so you better spell check your tattoo ideas before you visit the artist. We wonder if his ‘mather’ liked this.

12) When you’re intoxicated, stupid things are always funny. This is pretty funny – unless you’re the one who had to clean this up.